Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

Finally, Changi Airport Terminal 4 is opened.

T4 is built on a plot of land that was originally occupied by the Budget Terminal, which was demolished on 25 September 2012 to make way for a new, larger, full-service passenger building (T4) that will cater to Changi Airport's growing traffic.

T4 will serve both full-service and low cost carriers, and have an annual passenger movement capacity of 16 million. This would bring Changi Airport's total passenger capacity to 82 million per annum.

Read more from official website.

For those taking the MRT Train, take the shuttle bus at Terminal 2 to Terminal 4. The shuttle bus is free. Frequency is about every 10 minutes.

Terminal 4 definitely looked better than the previous budget terminal. The new terminal features start-to-end self-service systems, allowing travellers to check in, deposit their baggage and even go through immigration via automated systems.

Of course, not everyone at Terminal 4 is travelling, some went there for the food. There's a food court, Food Emporium, that had many stalls selling mostly Singapore local food. Of course, I had a great time eating there.

I had the Prawn Noodle while hubby had the nasi lemak, they were really tasty and delicious. Will go again for the food from other stalls.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jewel of Singapore Changi Airport (Video from Straits Times)

Wow, looking forward to the opening of The Jewel of Singapore Changi Airport. It will be opening somewhere in 2019.