Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Green Wall

This is the much talked about green wall. It is a five storey high and 300 m wide vertical garden featuring 25 species of climbing plants which can be view from both the departure and arrival halls. This is fantastic and very beautiful.

This photo is taken from the arrival hall where the luggage belts are. So the next time you visit Singapore, do remember to look at the green wall as you wait to collect your luggages.

The plants are watered automatically. (Those white vapours you see in the below photo are actually water being pump out of sprinklers.)

I spotted flowers growing from the plants. This is cool.

Closer view of the green wall.

This photo is taken from the departure hall. No concrete wall in here, most of the walls are glass panel walls. Very impressive.

Sorry, my lens could not take the whole 300 m wide green wall, this is as wide as I can


Alexander said...

Nice and creative. However, I wonder will it be difficult, hence expensive to maintain? :(

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alicesg said...

Wait till you see my later posting of photos on the glass lift and the huge hall of the airport and the sky train and I guess the many shops that are rented out help in maintaining?