Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3

These few photos are my best personal shot of Changi Airport Terminal 3 where it shows the very spacious halls of the airport. I like these photos the best.
Above photo is the departure hall.

Another section of the departure hall where the check in counters are.

Above photo is also another part of the departure hall.

From the departure hall, we can view into the transit hall. This is the main transit hall where performance, etc are held.

I have now come to an end of my posting of Changi Airport Terminal 3 open house. I would only post future photos of T3 when it is fully operational and when all the shops and eateries are open. Hope you enjoy my virtual tour of Changi Airport Terminal 3 and look out for its official opening on 9th January 2008.


Dave said...

I was quite interested in this post since I previously did a post on my grandfather who was a POW at Changi (

Jules said...

Wow - this is an amazing place - so big and so interesting!! Thanks for showing it to us.

Thanks for vising me at rabaul and Vietnam - your comments are most appreciated

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos