Saturday, December 15, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3 opening 9th January 2008

We were among the thousand of Singaporeans to visit the yet to be open Changi Airport Terminal 3. It is scheduled to open on 9th January 2008. Terminal 3 is set to further enhance Changi Airport's Status as the leading air hub in the region.

This is our tour guide for the new terminal 3 open house tour. Was told by him that terminal 3 was planned way back in 1970.

Our tour guide was asking everyone of us to look up above us.

These are what we saw....butterfly shaped reflectors. They are computer controlled to allow optimum amount of diffused sunlight to stream down through 919 skylights so as to make us of natural light instead of using electrical lights. (Not a good photo cause I forgot to put on auto flash for my camera but the rest of the photos are okay even without flash light as the terminal 3 halls are quite bright with all the natural lights).

Above the departure hall, are many nice restaurants and some shops.

Workers doing renovation works in the Transit Area.

This is the departure transit mall where there is a waterfall display. Many renovations are still being carried out in here. Once completed, this will be the place where performance and events will be held. From here, we can view friends/family members up above in the departure hall and wave to them.

Many shops are still not open and many renovations are still being carried out. I noticed many of my favourite brand of shops in here. Geez, I think I will be shopping even before I board a plane to

From the transit area, we can view the arrival of aeroplanes. (Noticed that my camera is not auto-flash, which resulted in the darkness of the photo.)

The runway outside terminal 3

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