Sunday, December 16, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Open House Tour

More gate holdrooms over this T3 is definitely very big.

Walk on the travellators to B5-B10 and it take only 9 mins.....hmmmm this shows how big terminal 3 is. I was so tired that day when I walked around Changi Airport terminal 3 and you have yet to see the basement. Changi Airport Terminal 3 is just like a huge shopping mall.....
Transit passengers can take the sky trains to T1 and T2.

The huge immigration hall for arriving passengers, just look at how shiny the floor is. Hmmm, I will wear pants instead of skirts when I walked through the

Arriving passengers can view their friends/family members above them through the glass panels. (Majority of Changi Airport Terminal 3 are glass-walled, so you can see all around you....this is cool and I like it and very impressed.)

At the automated lanes, the card holder inserts his/her Access Card into a card reader and places his/her right thumb on the fingerprint scanner for verification. The automated gate will open for the holder to exit once the system authenticates the holder's fingerprint.


Alexander said...

Nice. The shots are great too. Do you know if it is in use already. I hope I get to use it this holiday season when I return home.

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alicesg said...

It would be officially open on 9th January 2008.It would only be used by SQ airlines and maybe other airlines at a later stage(was told by the airport tour guide). BTW all the 3 terminals are linked via the skytrains.